Feb 20, 2008


It was my friend Chikky who couldn't stop raving about the steak in Gaudi. I got curious because it seems strange that the most delicious dish in this Spanish resto would be the steak. When I got to try it, I got hooked. I'm not too fond of steak, but this one left a lasting impression both in my tastebud memory.

Almost 5 months after, I had another chance to go to Gaudi again. This time, I was with someone who was a real steak lover. I wanted to see if this steak would impress him.

Lea, the waitress, shows us the meat sizes available. The smallest one was at 620g. Kind of heavy, but manageable. As we wait for our steak to be prepared, I tell Dex that he should try the EVOO that comes with the bread. So far, it's the best I've tried in any resto that serves it with bread. I now finally understand why Italians can eat their bread just with this, even minus my favorite Balsamic Vinegar.

Next comes the Purrusalda (Potato Leek Soup, Php140.18) that I wasn't really too keen on ordering, but Dex had to have his soup and this is what he chose.

To me, it tasted like Gerber. Hmm... I think Gerber's better.

We now moved on to 1 of the house favorites, the Surtido 8 P Calientes (Php240.18) which is a sampler of 8 kinds of their hot appetizers. Out of 8, I liked 3 of the appetizers: their version of baked tahong, the deep fried breaded mozarella, and The Fried Lumpia.

THIS WAS OH SOOOOO SOOOO DELIIIICCCCIOOOOUUUUS. I cannot believe that I would like Fried Lumpia. Fried Lumpia is something I can eat, but can never, ever love, but Gaudi's version captivated my heart and my tastebuds. Note that this was something to order again. Alone. To be enjoyed in its solitary glory. No other tummy fillers to take space in my tummy. Gaudi's Fried Lumpia (This is not the real name of the dish. I forget the real name, but just ask the waitress. They know it.) is juicy (not oily!) and very flavorful chorizo enveloped in their version of a lumpia wrapper. The chorizo is not your typical chorizo where you feel like eating longganisa. This is almost as soft as sausage. Upon biting into this, expect a very meaty taste with subdued spices that progresses into tastiness specked with just the slightest hint of fish to give your tastebuds a kick just before you swallow it. There were only 2 pieces in the sampler plate and I was so tempted to plead with Dex to part with his share. I decided otherwise. The pleasure of eating this was too much to keep to myself.

Upon tasting it, Dex says, "It's okay. It's chorizo."

Hmm...this guy must not be having the typical chorizo I get. Mental note: must ask him or his mom or his dad to give me their chorizo.

Next comes the Ensalada Gaudi (Php194.64) that Lea recommends. Hohum for me, but Dexter really really liked it! We are just not connecting tonight. He says that he likes it because it's not as sour as the other vinaigrette-laden salads he usually dislikes. On my end, I was unhappy because I found the vinaigrette too sour yet insipid. It tasted like a bland version of Almon Marina's Salad Nicoise.Now comes the reason we're here.

Gaudi's Steak. The Chuleton Villagodio (Php1,519 for 620g). Oooooh. Just too good.

The raw meat we chose was served raw and sliced on a plate together with a mounted plate with a burner underneath. You or your Lea get to cook your steak. I really like this idea for 2 reasons: (1) Dex gets to have his steak medium cooked and I get to have my rare to medium rare share without having to order separately; (2) I get to eat my steak hot, cooking it only when I am about to eat.

Having good quality, good marbling, and juiciness in a steak are givens when you order a steak. So I don't need to make those checklists for this steak. What makes this wonderful are the rock salt crystals that are laid on the cooking plate which makes contact between the meat and the salt inevitable. This results to each steak bite of delightful texture, more juiciness, and meaty goodness spiked with salt, almost the same way as the tartness of sour cream would spike up your chips. Oooh. I bite, chew a bit, savor a lot, and shiver in delight.

If you're big on condiments, Gaudi does not fail to complete your delicious steak experience. Our steak came with a siding of roasted bell pepper that provided a sweet break to the rich meaty goodness. The potato side dish also deserves mention and can probably even stand on its own. They know how to cook this one. The potato was tender and meaty and tasty! Yum!

I am very satisfied. As for Dex the steak lover, "Masarap nga 'yan. But then, steak is always good." Sigh.

*All prices are VAT-inclusive, but do add 10% for Service Charge.

Gaudi Restaurant
Serendra, McKinley Parkway
Taguig City
They have another branch near the Greenbelt Cinema.


toyang&tweety said...

One more case study for the saying "Opposites attract". HAHA! 'D

You know, I've always been intrigued by Gaudi, primarily because of its mosaics. Makes me want to escape back to Barcelona! Haha. Then again, no one ever told me about the steak. Must try. SOON! =)

PAM said...

Hahaha! Funny thing is, I never realized Dex & I were different from each other. No, let me correct that. I think I have better tastebuds than he does. Hehehe. Let me know what you think of Gaudi, Toyang! Pag may konting time, maybe we can lunch there then go to A Different Bookstore where I seem to often see you. : )

The Quarterlifer said...

Finally! You have a new blog post! I've been looking forward to reading your posts! I have yet to eat at Gaudi, but you've convinced me to eat there as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

i love steaks, but havent tried this place pa

hpf said...

another fun post, pam! very interesting food (and pricing, with unrounded off cents haha). i remember eating at a resto of the same name on jupiter street a long, long time ago... same? perhaps you just have more taste buds than dex (you, a "supertaster" with an average of 5000 vs him at approx 2000?) ;-)

PAM said...

Rainy! You know me. I let my tummy and moods lead my blogging.

Hi, Sakai! Do share some of your steak preferences. I just might convert. : )

Hey HPF! Thanks Thanks! Hahahaha!!!! I'm sure Dex will disagree, but I want to use that argument anyway. It will be fun! Hehehe.

grumpyurbanslacker said...

that chuleton really looks yummy!
ma-try nga :D

Anonymous said...

steak preferences.. try Gullivers!!!