Jan 29, 2008

I Thought It Was Just Good Enough.

"Ma'am, Try our Strawberry Shortcake. Isang slice na lang yan."
"Oo nga eh. I'll think about it."
"Sige na, Ma'am. Bihira lang kami may Strawberry Shortcake kasi special 'yan."
"Kasi bihira at seasonal ang strawberry kaya bihira 'yan di ba?"
"Ay oo nga naman, Ma'am."

So goes a conversation I recently had with the vendor in Bizu Alabang Town Center. I just shake my head and laugh while the vendor sheepishly scratches his head. I order the cake together with Bizu's hot chocolate.

The Strawberry Shortcake (Php195 per slice) is the kind I like. Not too sweet on the overall taste, but the freshness of the cream and the strawberries come out. The cake is fluffier than the usual dense shortcake and it feels very light on the tummy as I slowly melt each forkful in my mouth. Good, but not oh so good that I will crave for it, but good enough.

I wash this down with Bizu's Hot Chocolate Grande (Php160). It was okay. I still think Bizu's hot chocolate is overrated. Its thick consistency is appealing, but the body that I look for in chocolate is just not there. I am not so happy with my hot chocolate, but it is good enough.

I was ready to call it a night, but Dex definitely was not. After drinking his capuccino (Php105), he calls the waiter and orders this:

Which came out looking like this (A spoonful less from each since I forgot to tell Dex I would be taking its picture after all.):

He tells me that this (Chocolate Souffle with Madagascar Vanilla Sauce at Php285 per order) is one of his favorites and, being the occasional food snob that I am, tries a spoonful with much skepticism (Prior to Dex taking a bite, the souffle was flat and looked more like a chocolate cake).

Okay. It was good enough.

I take another bite, this time with the vanilla sauce, hey, hey, this was good! This time, I couldn't get enough. I really wouldn't call this a souffle, but this wasn't just a chocolate cake either. It had the chocolate taste that I so longed for (Think back to the days when homemade chocolate cakes tasted like homemade chocolate cakes.) --- rich, bittersweet, with a nutty note. And it had a subtle crust that added chewiness to the very moist albeit underbaked cake (Lava cake comes to mind.). Just to make sure you don't get satiated, pouring in a bit of the vanilla sauce in between bites deliciously cleanses your tastebuds, preparing you to crave for the next bite.

"O, kala ko ba ayaw mo," Dex teases me.
"Did I ever say that? Can I have more?"
I got to have the last bite.
This is what I call a HAPPY ENDING. : )

*Prices are exclusive of 10% service charge.

Bizu is in Ground Level, Corte de las Palmas, Alabang Town Center. Phone numbers: +632 809-BIZU, +632 7721917, +632 7721918. Click here for the other branches.


The Quarterlifer said...

the strawberry shortcake doesn't look that appetizing though. but the choco souffle looks good in pictures. by the way, are you blogging on company time?! i'm shocked! ;)

PAM said...

Hehehe. I have no talent for photography so maybe I didn't do justice to the shortcake (Well, truth be told, the shortcake did look stiff and snobbish, but it was good.). Yeah, it was company time. I was waiting for a meeting that didn't start on time. : (

Anonymous said...

the strawberry shortcake in La nuova in Mckinley rod is also good

PAM said...

Thanks for the tip, Sakai! I love La Nuova, but I haven't tried their Strawberry Shortcake! Will try it! Your blog seems so interesting! I hope you won't mind me going through it. : )