Jan 22, 2009

Liquid Nitrogen, Anyone?

I've long been a secret fan of Ferran Adria. I have never tasted any of his cooking nor bought any of his books, but just reading about his creations is enough to make you admire, research about, and just be inspired by the guy.

Imagine using liquid nitrogen to "cook" your food. Nitrogen is usually used to make sodas and ice cream, so this is edible. But what's amazing about Ferran is using this old ingredient to do something new --- where one usually uses it to freeze, he uses it to heat (Example: One bakes a batter to make a sponge cake. In this case, Ferran freezes the batter to bake the sponge cake. Isn't it just like heating it, but in a different way?).

Check it out on YouTube at Authors@Google. Quite long, but really worth the download. The techniques show up at the 30 minute and above mark.


pouty said...

i like Ferran din! ever since i saw him in discovery channel. i think the stuff he's doing is so interesting. sana magtayo siya ng branch sa Pilipins. hahaha.

Jennifer said...

I have the biggest foodie crush on his younger brother Albert.