Nov 17, 2006

HK: Dessert Before Anything Else

Blame it on missing a favorite aunt, a want to go out of the country, and a craving for Chinese food --- I decided to go to one of the yummiest parts of Asia. In my next few entries, allow me to salivate and reminisce. : )

Most friends I've eaten with know that I always have my dessert before my meals (After eating something sweet, savory and salty just taste so much better then you crave for sweet again.). And so I bring this habit with me and eat my way, Hong Kong (HK style). : )

HK is my first exposure on how delicious fruits can be as desserts. 9 years ago (I was there when Princess Di met an accident and passed away.), HK wowed me with their fresh fruit drinks a la Zagu. Now, my newfound foodie pal, Janise, introduces me to the world of HUI LAU SHAN and, once more, HK reveals another delicious way to enjoy my fruits for dessert.

It's a tough choice when you only have one stomach. Thank goodness I had companions (Hi Sacs and Janise!) who were willing to try as much as we can. We went there for 2 nights in a row just to have our fill! Here are some of the delectable delights we tried. Note their love for our Philippine mango. It was on almost everything! Feels like I'm almost home!

Rice Balls with Mango Filling - Just take a look at it. Wouldn't you want one for yourself?!?! This is visual heaven! Unfortunately, I'm not that fond of rice cakes and I prefer our good old suman with mango anytime. Still, it was an experience to open this up and allow the mango filling to ooze out beautifully.

Mango Pudding with Fruits & Mango Sorbet - Such a simple name for a more than simple dessert! Their mango pudding is dense and not overcompensated with gelatin and yet!!! when you put it into your mouth the luscious combination of mango and cream just melts in your mouth! I almost forgot about the other fruits when I ate the pudding!

Mango Pomelo Sago w/ Mango Sorbet and Coconut Cream Combo - Yes, they call it "sago". Yes, our local version is Mango Sago w/ gata. The similarity ends there. I have a reason to believe that they make their own juice from the mango and sorbet (or the very least, make their own puree) because the taste of mango freshness here is bursting! The coconut milk adds a creamy layer to the mango and the fruits on the side are just begging to be dunked in this mango soup. Oh my mango talaga! Then I remember that the pomelo is there. "Oh hi there, pomelo! You seem out of place here. " Didn't do much for this dish or maybe because the pomelo wasn't as sweet as the ones we have back here. So I just gobble up the pomelo first then go back to the real bidas in this dessert. Oooh.

Hot Papaya with Bokni (If I'm not mistaken, this is known as White Fungus) - I still have yet to learn how to order hot stuff for dessert. Thank goodness, Sacs thought of this. This dessert is soothing and yummy! The papaya slices are firm to the bite and just hints at sweetness which encourages you to gulp down some hot sweet soup and finish it off with the crunchy bokni! Since this is so delicious and light, I must warn you that you will eat a lot without knowing it!

Mango and Coconut Sorbet - Ah don't be fooled. This is not ordinary. This is GOOD!!! I think I've raved about the mango and it is now time to pay credence to the coconut (Note that I am NOT crazy about coconuts!!!). The coconut sorbet is similar to our fresh buco (young coconut) sherbet, but has a creamier, creamier texture. What I like about their coconut sorbet (and the same goes for the mango) is that the buko taste lingers instead of the milk. As I relish every spoonful, my spoon accidentally mixes up the creamy coconut with the mango sorbet. I am now introduced to another flavor and I remember the mango sago with coconut cream. Then I chew on the nata de coco which makes me salivate and I hurriedly scoop up more coconut sorbet, then the mango sorbet, then I mix them up, then I eat the nata de coco. This is neverending bliss.
Go check out Hui Lau Shan if you're in Hong Kong. It's almost in every part of HK.

Average price range from HK$20-50. Hot dishes also available, but I didn't have space for them anymore! I got my fill in Sia Iygi Street, Mongkok. If you can read Chinese, check out their original website at: They've opened up a branch in California, too, so here's their English name and websit:


Rache said...

grabe, ang dami nyan ah! diba 3 lang kayo kumain tapos i'm sure sa-e didn't eat those...hmmm....hehehe
it looks sooooo uber good! now, am regretting that i didn't go with you! with the shopping and food trip you did! boy! kakainggit!

Sidney said...

...I am hungry now!
I will take the next flight to HK. ;-)

Pam said...

Rache - Next time, come with me so you can be the one to pay! Hehehe. I'm sure HK would've been more fun with you around!!!

Sidney - I am very honored that you visited my blog! Wow!