Oct 18, 2006

My Happy Hips (and how they became that way)

While chatting with Lolit, Jai approaches me to tell me "Tumataba ka (You're gaining weight.).". Then leaves. I look at Lolit for validation and she promptly replies, "Oo nga. Lumalaki hips mo. (I agree. Your hips are getting bigger.)"

Uh oh.

I know why. It's this new addicting habit of mine. Watching "House" every spare moment I have at home (Watching House in my house. Hahaha!!) and gorging on these recent food finds. Not wanting to have all the calories to myself, let me share my recent food finds that you can bring home and enjoy!

Pokka Green Tea - I know everyone raves over C2 nowadays, but I've been a tea drinker my whole life. I don't appreciate drinking sweet liquid with a hint of tea flavor. When iced, I want my tea robust, hinted with sweetness. Pokka hits the spot as it refreshes my palate, removing any umay from my meal. Available in most supermarkets (I get mine from Pioneer Center at below php40). Also available in peach, blueberry, and chrysanthemum flavors.

Kadum Durian - Okay. Okay. Don't get too freaked out. I can't help it if I love the buttery taste and texture of durian! Recently, I discovered another source (I'm a die hard ECJ Durian eater!) and variety in Robinson's Galleria's Supermarket. The Kadum variety is not as creamy as ECJ's but has that bite and buttery sweetness that I look for in my durian. Oh yum!

Claude 9 Taba ng Talangka (Baby Crab Fat) - Now this is utmost sinfulness. I am so addicted to this that I have it for dinner and breakfast (and, just recently, for a 3 am snack!) w/ steamed brown rice daily! Unlike most commercially available products, Claude Tayag's masterpiece does not need to be sauteed with garlic and seasoned with calamansi (Philippine lemon). Neither does it have that floury texture that screams "EXTENDER!!!" Claude's version is very tasty and you eat it as if you were eating fresh talangka without the fishy taste and the crabshells. If I'm not mistaken, instead of using starch as extender, Claude used talangka meat. Even its oil is not to be discarded because it helps make the delicious taste linger in your mouth a little longer. Surprisingly, even if I eat a lot of this, I don't experience that cholesterol rush and nurse an aching batok. Very light on the tummy, too.

At Php385 per bottle, not light on the pocket, but very very much worth it. Available in Rustan's Supermarket.

Nana Meng's Leche Flan Cassava - A year ago, someone suggested in this blog to try Nana Meng's Tsokolate Eh! (Thank you for the suggestion!). Though their hot choco is good, I was more impressed with how they introduce native snacks in a new way. And one of these is their leche flan cassava. The cassava cake is just the way I like it - chewy and not too sweet. It is deliciously complemented by a layer of creamy addicting leche flan. The combination is similar to why I get addicted to Razon's halo-halo. I like it best eaten after it's been refrigerated for 30 minutes. Go grab a pack in Nana Meng's stall in front of the Glorietta Food Court (I think they also have branches in Alabang.). I can't remember the price if it's Php90 or Php110.

M&M's M-Azing Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar - I so regret not hoarding on this stuff! While shopping for chocolates in Rustan's supermarket (Makati), I saw this and was amused by this brand's latest innovation. Not much a fan of M&Ms, I decided to buy just one bar so I am in sync with the latest chocolate innovation.

I should've strangled myself instead. This stuff is good!!! The chocolate bar is close to the chocolate in Nestle Crunch and is dotted with mini-peanut butter M&Ms/. What makes this addicting is that every bite is satisfied with the crunchy mini M&Ms followed by the just right sweetness of the melting milk chocolate then, surprise!, the delicious slightly salty peanut butter comes out, makes you salivate, and completes the experience by the combined creamy sweetness of both the peanut butter and the milk chocolate.

In this country, it WAS only available in the Rustan's Supermarket Makati Branch. It's no longer there. Php30 per bar. If you see one, please let me know. Please. Boo. Hoo. Hoo.

Mang Joe's Adobong Tuyo - I have always been a fan of bottled gourmet seafood. I'd try almost any seafood in this format. When I saw this in Tiendesitas, I was slightly curious, but didn't expect it to be different from the usual bottled tuyo.

I was wrong.

Mang Joe's Adobong Tuyo just hints at saltiness. What's impressive is the oil that tastes more like a sauce than oil. It is sweet, slightly tart, salty, and just perfect with a bowl of steaming rice. This kept my appetite at bay during the Milenyo storm when I was stuck at home with no electricity. At Php110 a bottle, definitely worth it!

McRice Beef Burger (Picture shows the chicken. Wanted so badly to eat the beef that I forgot to take a picture!) - I'm no fan of fastfood chains nor of burgers, but the McRice Beef Burger turned me into a McDonald's suki for a week! This reminds me of the rice balls the Japanese bring for their lunch baon. Try closing your eyes when you take your first bite and you'd think you were eating tender beef teriyaki enveloped and delicious sticky rice (more like sushi than rice cakes), topped with toasted sesame seeds. My only complaint is you have to eat 2 of these to declare it a full meal. Go try it!

The next time you see me, try not to look at my hips. Instead, ask me what recent yummies I've tried. I'll get the hint. : )


rain said...

ang takaw mo pamela!! :)

Jennifer said...

He walked up to you just to tell you that you were gaining weight?!? Ahahaha, some men will never learn! Ok lang yan Pam. As long as the food keeps coming and the drink keeps flowing, happiness is never more than a bite away. Especially when we're talking about peanut butter chocolate bars...mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Omigoodness! I think I gained another pound just reading about your sinfully fabulous food finds!

Do you hear Marsha telling John right at this moment: Get me those peanut butter chocolate bars NOW.


Hope to see you soon, dahling! c",)

sfs said...

Pam! OMG! Hey, tried calling you the other day but deadma...

Anonymous said...

careful not to gain so much, or your bf might go off and look for someone sexier.

toyourthink said...

Ha! Your post on my page led me to yours! Isa ka palang siba. You shall truly enjoy eating with me and Maite. LETS!

Fifi said...

Pam! Kaya naman pala! Ang daming pagkain!!!!

Grabe. When I visited Bee sa Singapore, I didn't go out for for 2 days. Was watching House too! I finished season 1 and season 2 already!!!

Pam said...

Jen and Irene - My cousin, Rache, just bought me the m&m bars in Rustan's Makati! Go get some before they're gone!
Anonymous - Thanks for the tip! Fortunately, I don't have a bf at the moment so that's one less worry! Yahoo! : )
Tracy - Game! Game! Kain na tayo! I like that word (Siba)!!! It sounds so spunky!!!
Fi - Ahahahaaa!!!! Funny ka talaga!!! Welcome back!!! You need to tell us your adventures!!!