Jul 13, 2005

Vicky Wallace's "Bohol Bee Farm" Posted by Picasa

Lunching al fresco in the Bee Farm. Posted by Picasa

Hello Everyone!

Wow. It has been some time since I last posted here. Hate to admit it, but work has gotten in the way. Well, that's not exactly true. Both work and a very active food life have grabbed my attention away from blogging. Am back! Hopefully, more frequently. : )

To start the year right and end the previous year, would like to share with you some finds. This time, with more pictures. Happy eating!

Bohol Bee Farm
My friends, MikeMo (who happens to be a covert foodie and travel expert), Ana Mo, and I made a last minute decision to go to Bohol after a presentation in Cebu. Being someone who plans ahead when it comes to travelling, this trip drove me crazy (Thank goodness for connections, OC friends, and neighborhood drugstores!), but made me realize how spontaneity can liven up any trip. Without any idea where to sleep nor eat (No sleep, I can take. No eating, I'm gonna wage a war!), we ventured into unknown territory armored only with MikeMo's supposed experience in Bohol and our desire to experience the wonderful waters of Bohol.

We stayed in Alona Q, one of Panglao's beach resorts. It was a basic resort with a small beachfront, but was happy with it because it was clean (particularly the bathroom!) and allowed me to explore the waters of Panglao. Didn't get to eat here because we had to

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